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The Traditional Vyayam School
& Vaidika Pratisthanam

The Traditional Vyayam School
The Traditional Vyayam School was created from the inspiring teachings of the Hindu Master Swami Tilak, and the continuous work done by his only direct disciple-monk, Swami Shankaratilakananda. Its motto is “where the breath is, is where you will find the mind”, a maxim that describes the essence of the practise of Vyayam which is the taming or control of the breath as a necessary process for controlling the modifications of the mind.

The purpose of the School is to diffuse the knowledge of Vyayam around the world through the teaching of a suitable method and the updating of ancient techniques that would not otherwise be able to be taught in this modern world due to its demands. For this reason, the Traditional Vyayam School has been constructed as a Teachers Training School with a secular character that organises all types of programs on an individual level and also collaborates with all the Yoga and Personal growth Schools that wish to take part.

Among the many programs that are developed, the great Vyayam Teachers Training Course can be found, which has as its objective the preparation of trainers, as it is the only authorized school in Europe and the only one that gives qualifications in Vyayam. The School is a guarantee of the teachings, and through the Association of Vyayam Yoga Trainers, protects the rights of those who have made great efforts in the training against possible fraud of those who do not follow the traditional method and therefore are not trustworthy. With the goal of not distorting the teachings, the School has registered the Copyright of Vyaym, in this way it is assured that only those who have been appropriately trained can use the name and technique. The spirit of service and the Tradition of Knowledge, the Masters and Humanity is what motivates the Traditional Vyayam School to develop all its activities just like the Vedic Foundation, which forms a part of one of the main ways of diffusing knowledge.

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The A.C. Vaidika Pratishtanam
The A.C. Vaidika Pratishtanam for the Diffusion of Vedic Dharma is a non profit institution whose objective is the diffusion and the expansion of the wisdom that comes from the knowledge and culture of the Vedas and its thousand year old tradition which includes Dharma, Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Vedanta, Vyayam, Vastu, Jyotisha etc.

All the activities that the Vedic Foundation (Vaidika Pratisthanam) directly develop are given by trainers and masters of different levels which at the same time are directly trained through the students continuous Teachers Training courses. All the trainers and masters that conduct different programs in the name of the Spanish Vedic Foundation do so without receiving any monetary gain and under the spirit of service.

Under the legal protection of the Vedic Foundation, the Traditional Dharma School, the Traditional Yoga School, the Traditional Vyayam School, the institute of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine IMTA and the Vedic Temple Shri Bajaranga-bhakti Bali Mandiram SBBM develop their activities.

At the same time these Schools are the ways that the Spanish Vedic Foundation (A.C. Vaidika Pratisthanam for the Diffusion of Vedic Dharma and the Vedic Foundation of India, Vaidika Pratisthanam, Vedic Foundation of the Himalayas for the Diffusion of Dharma) use to fullfil its work in the different aspects of the diffusion of Vedic Dharma..

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Academia Yoga
The Vedic Foundation disposes of Yoga Academies in Dharma in Spain, Granada and India, specifically in Rishikesh where the activities of the different schools are given.

The objective of the Academies is to make the teachings of Yoga and Dharma (culture, philosophy, and Indian spirituality) accessible to all those people that feel the need to improve their physical and mental health, their wellbeing, or to develop their spirituality.

There are numerous activities that are developed in the Academies: Ayurvedic massage, Therapeutic massage, Psychology Consultancy (Vital assessment for family problems, addiction, anxiety and stress problems, depression), Self-knowledge and Self-esteem.

We also offer guidance in improving character, Hatha yoga, Vyayam Chikitsa (practice in the form of therapy), Satsanghas, Yoga Night every Wednesday at 21 h, Meditation, Tantra (the study and practice of the necessary processes for the canalization of energy and the expansion of the mind), Vedanta (study of the supreme philosophy that takes us to the Knowledge of the Absolute Being), Dharma (the study of Indian culture and spirituality), Breathing techniques and relaxation, Pilates, Oriental Dance, Vegetarian cooking, Pranokaya (the study and practice of the transmission of energy for curing) and Bala Yoga, fun and easy Yoga exercises and games with audiovisual recourses as class support for children.

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With the purpose of allowing all those who so desire to develop a monastic life fully dedicated to the study of Dharma in self control following the processes of self-realization through the guidance of a master, the Vedic Foundation disposes of a Gurukula to which people from all races, creeds and schools may access. All those who wish to have a monastic experience in their lives, can do so for periods of one month, three months, six months or one year. From this point, those who so wish can ask to enter into the Monastic Order to which the Master of the school and the novice monks adhere to, the ancient order Saraswati that comes form the traditional lineage of the Founding Master Shri Adi Shankaracharya. The main objective of belonging to this order is to follow the tradition keeping the Vedic Knowledge in its multiples aspects, and train as master monks.

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The Masters of the Traditional Vyayam School

Shri Swami Tilak Paramahamsa
Gurudeva commented: “Thanks to the teachings I received from my Guru, I feel comfortable anywhere, and because of my equal attitude towards everyone I have been able to penetrate even the strongest in different sects and schools of philosophy. Dualist or not, all have opened their doors to me with joy. Brahmans and Paryahs have offered me hospitality in their homes and many times they asked me “Swamiji, who are you? Are you Advaita (non-dualist) or Dvaita (dualist)? Are you a Brahman or Kshatriya? Vaishya or Sudra? (Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra are the four Hindu castes).”
We would be surprised to see that all types of people were delighted to attend his conferences.

The teachings that Shri Swami Tilakji left us are many, and between us all we would only be capable of occupying 10% of the space that he left. Among his teachings we can highlight his humanity, which drew him closer to everyone.
When he came to Spain for the first time in 1976, the pillars that are today the Vedic Foundation and Traditional Vyayam School were established..

Shri Swami Shankaratilakananda
Just like with Shri Swami Tilak Paramahamsa, from Swami Shankaratilakananda, his disciple-monk, we can also mention innumerable teachings in all fields and areas of human knowledge.

Shri Swamiji or Guruji as his direct disciples like to call him, is a master completely impregnated with traditional Vedic knowledge and with an immense capacity to open ways that allow people who approach it to access this knowledge in its multiple aspects.

He is traditional but at the same time modern, and a master of the human mind and its complex processes, and through his teachings he helps without rest so that people can improve their daily lives.

When he returned to Spain in 1985 after a long stay in India where he caught Malaria and was on deaths door, and after the doctors told him there was little hope, he decided to put into practice all the Vyayam knowledge that he had learnt form this Vyayam masters Shri Swami Tilak and Shri Dhirendra Brahmachari to cure himself. Little by little and just like miracles happen, he worked with the little strength he had left, and in the end, with great doses of energy, he was able to recover completely much to the surprise of all the doctors and their students, as they never found any explication for this supernatural event.

It was from this moment on when Shri Swamiji, as a sign of gratitude to this thousand year old practise and its masters from whom he received it, began to teach it, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 when he saw the need for people to learn it and deeply assimilate it, so he created a whole structured learning process which today constitutes the bases of the teachers training process that form part of the Traditional Vyayam School courses which he imparts continuously around the world.

In 2002 he published the first book in Spanish about Vyayam, which has since been translated to many other languages. It has recently been published in English in India and in Portuguese in Portugal. In 2008 under his supervision and direction, the first Vyayam DVD in the world was edited with the series of Vyayam movements that appear in the book.

Dhirendra Brahmachari
The details of his birth are not fully known, however some sources say he was born in the heart of a respected family of Brahmans in Chandpura, a small town in Bihar in the north of India. Others say he came from a small village in Cachemira. There is no registration on the day of his birth and during his life there was speculation about his real age. He never spoke much about his past, but when he remembered his childhood, he used to say that he was a mischievous boy with a great desire for adventure that put him into difficult and dangerous situations many times.

When he was twelve years old, after reading the Bhagavad Gita, the words that Krishna tells Arjuna in a passage left him deeply marked: “The truth is that a Yogin is Superior to Tapasvins (those who observe austerities), the Gnyanis (those with knowledge) and the Karmakandis (those who perform ceremony rituals). For this reason you should try to convert yourself into a Yogin!”

So he decided to covert himself into a Yogi, beginning an arduous path with great devotion and profound interest that led him to abandon his family in search of his Guru (spiritual preceptor).

After many years of intense searching and the fight between light and darkness, he met his Guru Maharshi Kartikeya, who’s Ashram was in Gomal-Khera, some 12 kilometres from Lucknow and there he was initiated in the secrets of Yoga. He practised Pranayama in an underground cave and arriving to a state of perfect mental balance he entered into the highest realms of Yoga converting himself into a Swami and a Siddha Yogi. After this and under the indications of Maharshiji Kartikeya he began to propagate the teachings of Vyayama Yoga.

In the capital of Bengala Calcutta he published his first work "Yoga Sukshma Vyayama" in 1956. After this he transferred to New Delhi where he founded the Vishwayatan Ashram that today is named the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga. He became mentor for Indira Gandhi and her family and in 1970 he published his second book "Yogasana Vijnana", about the correct practise of Yoga Postures.

In 1982-83, during the Indira Gandhi mandate, Dhirendra Brahmachari presented a programme about Yoga once a week on a Hindu state television channel, which was incredibly popular.

It was in New Delhi where Shri Swami Shankaranandaji contacted Dhirendra Brahmachari and received instruction from him about Vyayama Yoga. In 1994 he abandoned this physical plane.

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