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The movement of the body should follow the breathing

The mind observes the breathing and the movement of the body

The breath is audible and expansive

All movements are circular and harmonic

The end of one movement is the beginning of the next movement

Photo albums

Vyayam Videoclips

Videoclips of the Vyayam DVD are now available on the Youtube Website. Watch different videoclips taken from the first and only Vyayam DVD in the world.

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Training Courses

1 Spain: Granada
Vyayam Teacher’s Training Course

The only Vyayam TTC authorized in Spain and in Europe. It is the only course that can really prepare you in Vyayam.

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India: Rishikesh
Vyayam Teachers training Intensive Course in India during 2018
Conducted in English & Spanish.
Vyayam Yoga TTC Level 1 and 2. Certificates for Trainer´s assistant and Monitor.

Video and Audio Files


In the Youtube web site you can find files available of Videos of Shri Swami Tilak and Shri Swami Shankaratilakananda.

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The Vyayam Book

The Vyayam book is a guide for all those who wish to make contact with the Vyayam practise. It contains more than 300 photographs.
Edited in Spanish, English and Portuguese

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You can obtain all the books available in the Vedic Editorial in printed format and PDF, as well as diverse articles from India and other articles related with Yoga practise, practise clothes, practise mats, incense….

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Get the Vyayam Video !!!
Ask for the complete DVD with all the exercises taught in the “Vyayam Book” writing to:
Price: 15€ + postage and handling.
Yoga House

A Yoga, Healthy Arts and Transcendental School where regular and exceptional activities take place.

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Other Activities

Other activities realized by the Traditional Vedic School in its different Knowledge.

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